Little Story on Indonesia and TPP


Friend [10/29, 5:33 PM]: You free to lunch tomorrow. Didn’t get chance to hear your Korea utara stories.

Me [10/29, 5:57 PM]: Unfortunately I will be in Kemang Village for meeting at lunch, Sir…

Friend [10/29, 6:03 PM]: Ok when u have free moment. Pres J surprised all his officials on TPP. We touched on briefly. Jkt Post headline today quoting Djisman is right out of my thoughts. No 1 will need to front up to DPR with all the UUs changes to meet TPP requirements. Not easy. Who are advising him? He could have said we are still studying…why rush to commit? He will lose further credibility 👎

Me [10/29, 6:06 PM]: Yes Sir…

Friend [10/29, 6:10 PM]: Experienced international observers will know J will face tough battles to meet his 2 year TPP dateline.  Even Hilary Clinton is having  second thoughts on TPP.  So why rush to please big O when his days are numbered. Really strange.  His inner sanctum needs you to knock some sense in him hehe

Me [10/29, 6:12 PM]: 😅

Friend [10/29, 6:14 PM]: RR for TPP? I will be surprised if he is in it fully

Me [10/29, 6:20 PM]: He is not. We have discussed this many times. When I was with him in NYC and DC in 2012, he was asked this issue. And his andwer just simply we dont want to be under any hegemon. We defend our national interest, and we are here to help you to solve your problem with them.

Friend [10/29, 6:23 PM]: I am hearing the western influence thru Harvard Tom L is rising.  It’s back to Berkeley days except it’s now financial wizardry of Harvard gang

Me [10/29, 6:23 PM]: Hmm…

Friend [10/29, 6:31 PM]: One last point and I close my case. MEA (AEC) is round the corner. Indonesia has strong lead on RCEP (and China, Japan, Korea, India, Aus/NZ) in it. Why why why rush to TPP that is still subject to members legislative approval.

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Born in Medan, lives in Jakarta, loves Indonesia.

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