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Nasib Sukarno Baru Diumumkan Enam Jam Setelah Kudeta Letkol Untung

PUKUL 12 siang, 1 Oktober 1965, Markas Cakrabirawa mengeluarkan pernyataan mengenai keadaan terakhir Presiden Sukarno.

Pernyataan itu disampaikan secara tertulis oleh Komandan Detasemen Kawal Pribadi (DKP) Cakrabirawa Brigardir Jenderal Sabur dan dibacakan di RRI yang masih diduduki pasukan Letkol Untung pada pukul 1.10 siang, enam jam setelah Letkol Untung mengumumkan aksinya, dan 50 menit sebelum Untung mengumumkan pembentukan Dewan Revolusi yang dipimpinnya.

Pernyataan Sabur yang dibacakan salah seorang Staff Detasemen Lieutenant Colonel Merokeh Santoso menjadi headline koran sore Sinar Harapan edisi 1 Oktober.

Masih di hari yang sama, Presiden Sukarno juga menyampaikan pengumuman mengenai keberadaan dirinya yang selamat dan tetap memegang roda pemerintahan. Dalam pengumuman yang muncul di Antara edisi 2 Oktober, Bung Karno juga menyampaikan bahwa dirinya telah menunjuk Major Jenderal Pranoto Reksosamudro menjadi pelaksana harian Panglima Angkatan Darat menggantikan Letjen Ahmad Yani yang tewas dibunuh kelompok Untung.

Sukarno juga meminta agar masyarakat Indonesia dimanapun berada tetap tenang.

Menurut Indonesian Daily News dari Surabaya, pengumuman dari Bung Karno itu sempat disiarkan RRI pada pukul 1.30 tanggal 1 Oktober 1965, atau setengah jam sebelum Untung mengumumkan pembentukan Dewan Revolusi yang dipimpinnya.

Dua dokumentasi berikut dikutip dari Jurnal Indonesia Cornell University Volume 1/April 1966.

1. Announcement by the Tjakrabirawa Commander. Issued at 12.00 pm October 1 and Broadcast at 1.10 pm October 1.

[During the period in which the Untung group controlled the Djakarta radio there were no broadcasts by President Sukarno himself or of statements or orders attributed to him. The President’s Order of the Day (See item 2. below) was for unexplained reasons not broadcast — although it was issued well before the Untung group surrendered control of the radio.

Accordingly, the announcement by Brigadier General Sabur, Commander of the Tjakrabirawa Regiment [the President’s “palace guard”], broadcast by the Untung-controlled radio at 1.10 pm October 1, constitutes the only authoritative news of the President released by the Untung radio. Considering that in the wake of the events of October 1 General Sabur has not disowned this statement and has still retained his position, it seems clear that his announcement of October 1 was indeed authoritative — i.e. authorized by the President himself.

The translation given below is of the lead story in the October 1st afternoon edition of the Djakarta newspaper Sinar Harapan. It gives not only the text of the actual Sabur announcement —identical to the announcement as broadcast over the Untung radio at 1:10pm— but some significant details about the time and place of issue as well as the fact that Sabur himself was not present when the statement was issued.

Moreover, Sinar Harapan’s treatment of the Sabur announcement as its feature story is in itself of significance. Unlike the leftist afternoon papers, such as Warta Bhakti, Gelora Indonesia, Kebudajaan Baru and Ekonomi Nasional, this Protestant Party newspaper refrained from publishing any of the broadcasts of the Untung-controlled radio.

The only news report it published relating to the September 30th Movement —though never explicitly mentioning it by name— was this Sabur statement which apparently it secured in press release form because, it printed information not provided in the 1.10 pm radio broadcast. It should be pointed out, however, that since Sinar Harapan normally goes to press at least an hour after the other afternoon Djakarta papers, its editors had more time to learn that by mid-afternoon the tide had begun to turn against the Untung forces.]


President Sukarno is safe and well and continues to execute [tetap djalankan] the leadership of the State. Such was the announcement by the Commander of the Tjakrabirawa Regiment, Brigadier General Mochammad Sabur, early Friday afternoon, at 12.00 in the Headquarters of the Tjakrabirawa Regiment.

The complete text of the official statement as read by the Chief of Staff of the Tjakrabirawa Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Merokeh Santoso, is as follows:

“In order to prevent inappropriate reports and interpretations, I herewith announce that His Excellency the President/Great Leader of the Revolution is safe and well, and continues to execute the leadership of the State.”

2. President Sukarno’s Order of the Day Appointing Major General Pranoto as Caretaker of the Army. Reportedly issued at 1.30 pm October 1.

[The translation is based on the Indonesian text appearing in Antara, October 2 (Morning Edition). Although the time and place of the issuance of this statement are not given in the Antara report, the presumption is that it was issued from Halim Air Base early on the afternoon of October 1. The Indonesian Daily News (Surabaja) of October 4 gives 1.30 pm as the time of issuance.]

The President/Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces/Great Leader of the Revolution makes the following announcement:

1. As President/Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces/Great Leader of the Revolution, I hereby announce: That I am safe and well and continue to hold the leadership of the state and the revolution.

That the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia is temporarily directly in the hands of the President/Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

That Major General Pranoto Reksosamudro, Third Assistant to the Minister/Commander of the Army, has been temporarily appointed to carry out day.

2. I command the entire Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia to heighten their preparedness, to return to and stay at their respective posts, and only move on orders.

3. The entire public is ordered to remain calm, enhance their vigilance, and preserve harmony and national unity as closely as possible.

Issued in Djakarta, on October 1, 1965.
The President/Supreme Commander of the
Armed Forces, Great Leader of the Revolution,


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