Pidato Pertama Bung Karno Pasca G30S

DISIARKAN RRI pada tanggal 3 Oktober 1965 pukul 1.33 dinihari dan dimuat di harian Berita Yudha tanggal 4 October.

Dalam pidato pertama kepada publik ini, Bung Karno menyatakan bahwa dirinya dalam keadaan selamat dan tetap memegang pucuk pimpinan negara.

Tanggal 2 Oktober Bung Karno mengumpulkan semua pemimpin Angkatan Bersenjata dan Waperdam II Dr. Leimena. Bung Karno telah menetapkan Mayor Jenderal Pranoto Reksosamudro sebagai pengganti Panglima Angkatan Darat Jenderal Ahmad Yani. Sementara Mayor Jendera Suharto diberi tugas memulihkan keamanan dan ketertiban pasca G30S.

Pidato pertama Bung Karno pasca G30S ini diperoleh dari Cornell University.

Brothers, repeating my order as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces/Great Leader of the Revolution which was announced on October 1, 1965, and to eliminate all uncertainty among the people, herewith I once again declare that I am safe and well and continue to hold the top leadership of the state and the top [leadership] of the government and the Indonesian Revolution.

Today, October 2, 1965, I summoned all Commanders of the Armed Forces, together with Second Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Leimena, and other important official quickly settling the problem of the so September 30 Affair. To be able to settle this problem I have ordered the prompt creation of a calm and orderly atmosphere and for this purpose it is necessary to prevent any possibility of armed conflict.

In the present stage of the determined struggle of the Indonesian people, I command the entire population continuously to increase vigilance and preparedness in the framework of intensifying the implementation of Dwikora.

I appeal to all the Indonesian people to continue to remain calm and to all ministers and other officials continuously to carry out their respective duties as before.

At present the leadership of the Army is directly in my hands, and to discharge the day-to-day tasks within the Army, I have appointed temporarily Major General Pranoto Reksosamudro, Third Assistant to the Minister/Commander of the Army.

To carry out the restoration of security and order in connection with the September 30th Affair, I have appointed Major General Suharto, Commander of KOSTRAD, in accordance with the policy I have already outlined. Brothers, let us persist in nurturing the spirit of national unity and harmony. Let us steadfastly kindle the anti-Nekolim spirit. God be with us all.

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