A Letter from Pyongyang on Christmas

Dear Mr. Teguh Santosa,

I hope this email finds you good in health.

The unexpectedly worldwide Covid-19 stopped us from having face-to-face meetings, but neverthless this further deepened feelings towards and trust in you. Especially, the October international E-seminar in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the WPK’s founding was held on the plateform of the website of Indonesia-Korea Friendship and Cultural Exchange: www.kawankorea.com. This reminded us of the initiative and position taken by the Indonesian friends and your society in putting the support and solidarity with the Korean people on the global basis. I am really proud of having you as my friend and working with IKFCE.

a. Many changes were made in our working mode, which relied mostly on the Internet and modern technology. In this sense, it was a wise choice that you opened a website of the society long ago and tried to increase its network. I assume that it is still necessary to attract much more readership of kawankorea in 2021 too. If you have any good ideas to innovate the website, please keep me informed and our society is happy to cooperate.

b. I found to my surprise from my archive that your first visit to my country was made in April 2003.  That means it is already almost 20 years that you have been standing on our side. A Korean proverb says that ten years is enough to make changes to the landscape. It is not easy that you did not change your mind for such a long time and keep faithful to your commitment to developing the friendship and cultural exchange. I wonder whether it is time for you to write a book about what you felt from your visits to my country and interactions with the Korean people who are making progress despite trials and difficulties, in the relationship with the Party and leaders’ leadership. I think you can write really good book based on your experience and perspective. If you agree with my idea in principle, please let me know.

c. As you may know, here in Pyongyang is the 8th Congress of the WPK open. The Congress set forth the strategy and the goals for realizing the happiness of the Korean people. If you have any plan to release a statement on RMOL on this occasion, please let me know. Besides if Kawankorea is to carry detailed info on the Congress, I am happy to supply. I am also planning to share the activities of IKFCE on my organisation website: www.friends.com.

Many thanks in advance and I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes

Kim Jong A

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