20th Anniversary of the Demise of President Kim Il Sung
















Appeal to Progressive Mankind of the World

President Kim Il Sung was the founding father of socialist Korea and the great Sun of the Korean people, and also the great friend, mentor and leader of world’s progressive mankind.

With each passing day, progressive people are more and more yearning for great President Kim Il Sung.

For over 70 years President Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean people, led them to victory in their struggle to achieve anti-imperialist national liberation and the socialist cause and made great contributions to accomplishing the cause of global independence, for which he enjoyed boundless respect and trust from progressive mankind of the world.

He founded the Juche idea that one is responsible for one’s own destiny and one has also the capacity for carving out one’s own destiny and put it into practice, thus illuminating the bright future of an era of independence.

Throughout the whole course of historical development in the 20th century, he courageously braved all the obstacles and difficulties caused by the unprecedented challenges of the imperialists and victoriously led the building of a new society in Korea and the cause of global independence, making great achievements unrivalled by anyone in the world.

The cause of mankind for independence, which was pioneered and led by President Kim Il Sung during his lifetime, advanced along the road of victory thanks to the energetic ideological and theoretical activities of Leader Kim Jong Il and his Songun leadership and its validity and vitality is being demonstrated to the full under the leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Un.

The reality of Korea where people are masters of everything and everything serves them is admired and praised by all people as it reflects the dream and desire of mankind to live and develop independently free from all kinds of domination and subordination.

Affirming that President Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of the Korean people and the undying banner of global independence and that his outstanding achievements and cause will last forever, we, the participants in the International E-Seminar held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his demise, earnestly appeal to all the progressive mankind of the world as follows:

Firstly, let us vigorously engage in various activities to study and disseminate the great feats that President Kim Il Sung performed for global independence, so that voices in praise of the great man reverberate everywhere in the world.

Secondly, let us give positive support and encouragement to the just measures that the DPRK is taking for peace and security in the Northeast Asia and the rest of the world, firmly believing that the building of an ideal society of mankind, the lifelong desire of President Kim Il Sung, will be sure to be accelerated with Respected His Excellency Kim Jong Un.

Thirdly, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation, which falls on August 15 next year, let us launch more vigorously various forms of solidarity activities for supporting the Korean people in their struggle to reunify the country on the principles of independence, peace and grand national unity.

President Kim Il Sung will be immortal in the minds of the Korean people and mankind, and his august name and his achievements will shine forever with the victorious advance of Juche Korea and the cause of mankind for independence.

Participants in the International E-Seminar
held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of
the demise of President Kim Il Sung
Jakarta, June 28, 2014

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