Interdisciplinary Symposium on Muslim Asia


Interdisciplinary Symposium on Muslim Asia
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Campus Center Ballroom, the UH Manoa

8:30 AM

8:45 AM
Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Shirley J. Daniel, Symposium Convener

9:00 AM
I. Muslims in Asia: The Context – Why Are Muslims in Asia?
A. History Papers (Moderator: Shirley J. Daniel)
1. Petrice Flowers, The Politics of Muslim Migration to Japan
2. James Frankel, Islam in East Asia
3. Reece Jones, Placing Bangladesh in South Asia and the Muslim World
4. Abdul Karim Khan, The Khudai Khidmatgar (Servants of God) Movement in the North-West Frontier Province of British India, 1928-1947
5. Matt Romaniello, Russian Encounters with Islam at Home and Abroad
6. Vincent Pollard, Jeopardizing ASEAN: President Marcos and Muslim Malaysia

10:00 AM
B. Secularism in Muslim Asia (Moderator: Grant Kim)
1. Robert Arakaki, Islam and the State-Building Project: Secular, Ethnic and Theocratic Nationalisms
2. Mohammad Ansori, Manufacturing Indonesian Islam in Globalizing Indonesia
3. Ehito Kimura, The Paradox of Islam in Indonesia: Reflections on the 2009 Elections
4. Teguh Santosa, Indonesian Parliament

10:40 AM
II. Current Issues for Muslims in Asia
A. Women and Youth in Society (Moderator: Rochelle A. McArthur)
1. Azeema Faizunnisa, Sexual Behavior of Youth in Muslim Societies of Asia?
2. Peter Xenos, Youth in Cities of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa: An Investigation into Socioeconomic and Political and Cultural Variation
3. Moana Nikou, The Strength of Women in the Social Construct of the Contemporary Iranian Society
4. Nihayatul Wafiroh, Arranged Marriages in Indonesia
5. Tamara Albertini, The Role and Rights of Women in Muslim Societies: Innovative Solutions in Contemporary Islamic Jurisprudence

11:30 AM
B. Art as life – Media Images (Moderator: Grant Kim)
1. Caterina Desiato, Hyperreal Slum: The Inscription of Slumdog Millionaire into The Discourse Between Religious Groups in India
2. Bernard Ellorin, Shifting Insider and Outsider Perspectives: Variant Identities of Sama Kulintangan Music in Tawitawi, and the Filipino American Ethnomusicologist
3. Ricardo Trimillos, Performance Genres and Islam in Southeast Asia: Interrogating a Logic of Practice
4. Jennifer Chandler, Knowing Dubai: The Creation-Consumption Paradox of Cultural Icons

12:10 PM
With sincere appreciation to Vice Chancellor Gary Ostrander for giving us the opportunity to respond to his invitation regarding a Muslim Asia initiative and for sponsoring the lunch.

1:10 PM
III. The Future: Ideas and Visions – Possible Roles for UH
A. The Role of a University Center (Moderator: Pat Cooper)
1. Barbara Andaya, Muslim Studies in Asia Initiative: Book Series on Muslim Societies
2. Paul Rausch, Talking Points: Interdisciplinary Symposium on Muslim Asia
3. Fred Magdalena, Digital Database on Muslim Mindanao
4. Farah Siah, Internationalization of Higher Education in Iran: An Interpretive Case Study of Perceptions of a Selected Group of University Professors

1:50 PM
B. Conflict Resolution Improvements in Muslim Asia (Moderator: Grant Kim)
1. Bruce Barnes, Transforming Mediation of Severe Multicultural/Religious Conflicts in Muslim SE ASIA
2. Carolyn Stephenson, Alternative Modes of Conflict Resolution in Islamic Asia

2:10 PM
C. Economic Development and Nation Building Initiatives (Moderator: Rochelle A. McArthur)
1. Samir El-Swaify, Holistic Ecosystem Development for Combating Poverty and Illiteracy in Muslim-Asian Countries
2. Soo Yong “Grace” Lim, Technology Empowerment for Asian Muslim Women in Rural Areas
3. Hamid Pourjalali, Corporate Governance Issues in Companies Located in Islamic Countries, the Comparative Cases of Iran and Malaysia
4. Kate Zhou, Grassroots Finance and Muslim Business Networks in China

IV. Next Steps


Catatan: Foto-foto diambil di Damaskus, 2003.

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