My People Tell Me What You Want

EA [(ay ah) Sovereignty Rule. Independent]
Sudden Rush
All words and lyrics by Don Kawa’auhau, Shane Veincent, Caleb Richards and Rob Onekea.

To all my people tell me what you want. Ea!
Hawaiians tell me what you need. Ea!
Trying to take what the kanaka maoli got. Ea!
Just to satisfy the government’s greed. ‘A’ole!
Hawaiians tell me what you want. Ea!
Kanaka maoli tell me what you need. Ea!
We must never forget what our kupuna taught.
Ea even if I have to bleed.

Don 1: The educator, mana’o deeper than a crater. You should’ve known by now that I’d be Back sooner or later with even greater mana you know they didn’t wanna ever go Down while they see us rising like an elevator. But it’s time for the indigenous up-rise I see the fire burning in the children’s eyes. Another freeway another heiau dies. It’s time to make the government choke on their lies. The term Hawaiian Homes is A joke to me cuz every piece of land is Hawaiian homes to me. But in order to be a Resident your blood must be 50 percent whoever thought of that law is an idiot to me So we’re living on the beach and they call us squatters. Cuz we’re living off our own Land fishing from our own waters. I promise our fight will never be over. Just try and run us over with your damn bulldozer. I rap for my people. I cry for my people. I live for my people. I die for my people. What you see is what You get take me as I am. And I ‘ain’t never had an uncle named Sam.

Redeye: Yo they think it’s a battle zone. But they’re damn sure right. Cuz it’s yo Also my home and I’m prepared to fight. I’m reminiscing about the past and the Present. Obviously the other color didn’t listen. So let me break it down like division and fractions. It’s time to take position and counter they’re actions. Cuz if they’re Doing this then we be doing that. But if they doing that then we be doing this. Don’t get my people pissed cuz it turns real radical. ‘Ain’t nothing like a rush Rapping in front of the capitol. Supporting sovereignty we’re all the same kind. Ready or not. Believe me they’re gonna try and cross that line. But it better not be Mine or in that fact of any kind. Ea! I’m-a try and stand up for what’s mine. I write another rhyme or whatever it takes to accomplish all these dreams that’s was made Up in the mix. Ea.

Dynomite: It’s that Hawaiian lyricist, pissed off and serious. Warriors! Stepping Through the mist tell me are you feeling this. It’s Dynomite and I’m ready to ride. Despise the crooked man so I sever my ties. ‘Ain’t no strings attached hell no I keep It mellow while you’re trippin’. Pulling the strings like you Gepetto. Mr. Sam you the Man acting like you give a damn. I ignite and fight for my homeland. Buwa-ah. I’m Pulling weight in my wa’a. Me and Paka rockin’ with this tune in my ka’a. That Kanaka Clark Kent with styles that’s bent. Let me disperse this verse for Mr. President. I represent. So tell me where the justice went. Your lack of Compensation is insufficient. Can’t run from the past can’t hide from the truth and I Still ‘ain’t wearing no soldier boots.

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Born in Medan, lives in Jakarta, loves Indonesia.

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