Ironi Politik Rente


Persoalan politik rente di Indonesia sudah lama menjadi keprihatinan kalangan akademisi dan aktivis pro demokrasi.

Di era 1990an yang lalu Prof. Arief Budiman dalam salah satu bukunya yang berjudul Negara dan Pembangunan memperlihatkan bukti-bukti yang membuat proses pembangunan di Indonesia tersendat-sendat, tidak berkeadilan dan me­nyisakan jejak kesenjangan yang luar biasa. Continue reading Ironi Politik Rente

President Sukarno and President Kim Il Sung

BEDAH BUKU KARYA RAHMAWATI SOEKARNOPUTRI (31) Continue reading President Sukarno and President Kim Il Sung

Dari Gerson Poyk’s Keliling Indonesia

Continue reading Dari Gerson Poyk’s Keliling Indonesia

Politik Anti-Politik


READING James Ferguson’s The Anti-Politics Machine: “development,” depoliticization and bureaucratic power in Lesotho (2005) reminds me of what the global developmentalist regime has done in Indonesia from the second half of 1960s until recent time; even though these two countries have different characteristics in many ways.

Nevertheless Ferguson’s presentation tells how the idea of developmentalism being spread through out what is then called and categorized the third world, developing, or under developed countries mostly in Africa and Asia. This idea has been used as political banners to widen and strengthen the developed countries’ power in the regions. Continue reading Politik Anti-Politik

Question on Resistance and Hegemony

JAMES C. Scott’s Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcript deals with conflicting circumstances between the powerful and powerless group, between colonizer and colonized people, between the rulers and the ruled. Continue reading Question on Resistance and Hegemony

Imagined Community, Imagined Study

INDONESIAN study was directly and indirectly shaped by dynamic of the conflict between the West-capitalist and East-communist blocks throughout the Cold War drama. Continue reading Imagined Community, Imagined Study

Di Bawah Tiga Bendera: Imajinasi Kebangsaan


THIS is a colorful, sparkling, and rich narratives of how an imagination of a particular nationality, society, and polity has been assembled, shaped, campaigned and delivered by the radicals and avant-garde persons, scholars and political activists among the colonized people during the second half of the nineteenth century in an archipelago that later become the Philippines. Continue reading Di Bawah Tiga Bendera: Imajinasi Kebangsaan